Compare Web Design Service Plans

Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond
Full Campaign Identity - - Yes Yes
Strategic Website Content - - Yes Yes
Registration of Domain Names 3 domain names 10 domain names As needed As needed
Secure Cloud Hosting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data backup using RAID Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Military-grade Drive Encryption - - - Yes
E-Mail Encryption - - - Yes
Real-time Hacking Monitoring - Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Virus Software and Anti-Trojan Software Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hardware and Software Firewalls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deployment of Port Scanners - Yes Yes Yes
Data Purging and disposal of hardware resources - - - Yes
Recovery of Stolen Digital Assets - - - Yes
Content Translation - - - Yes
Streaming Media Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Creation Creation Maintenance Maintenance
Frequency of Website Updates Weekly Twice Weekly Daily Anytime
Turnaround for Website Updates 48 hours 24 hours Same Day Real-time
Number of Website Pages 10 pages 30 pages Unlimited Unlimited
On-Demand Remote Support - Yes Yes Yes